Tiffany Echo Wolf is a filmmaker, production designer and multimedia artist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States. Tiffany's work and cannon resides in the unification of universal dualities.

Tiffany's education is formed by studying at the Pennsylvania School of the Arts, Bradley Academy Visual Academy, Millersville College and The Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing. 

In 2007, Tiffany formed a multimedia collective under the name Lost Sugar Disco. For the past ten years, this collective has gone on to maintain studio space for local artists, design stages, produce and design television shows, curate multimedia art shows and showcase artists and musicians from across the United States.

Tiffany Wolf is an Eco-friendly Production Designer reusing and recycling materials from leftover productions by creating a storage and reselling facility to ensure less waste and the most economical production for her clients.

Tiffany premiered her first short film, Doorway of 1,000 Churches, at Burning Man, Black Rock City alongside Android Jones.

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