I met Aaron the night of Dad’s funeral. The holidays will also stir this up. I recall the last Thanksgiving dad and I had together. We were at my brother Troy’s place. We sat in the sunniest place in the room together on the small couch and Dad sat with his legs stretched out in my lap. I’m so grateful that I sat there with him. I’m so grateful for the memory.

Changing my relationship with Aaron and losing that gift/support that carried me the night of Dad’s funeral until now re-released some unprocessed grief. But as I think of it, I don’t know if it will ever fully go away. I guess that is okay. I miss you Dad.

My heart deeply goes out to everyone that has lost a parent, a child or someone close during the holidays. I know it’s a hard time. May we all get through this time while we experience growth, heartache and togetherness or non togetherness. If you don’t have anyone to be with today or over the holiday season, call me. I will be there for you.

AND, Nana will send leftovers. I will make a plate for you at my table. 

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