The Lost Sugar Disco has acquired a new hearse. This one is yellow. I was disgusted by the color at first sight when my old landlord told me that he saw it at an auction and had to buy it in hopes that I would purchase it from him. I hated the body style and color. I missed my old black hearse (I lost it in a flood back in PA while out at Burning Man. I’m looking for a new one so no fretting). After seeing the yellow hearse over and over again, I realized it looked like a hearse wearing a taxi costume. This made me like it. Then I thought of “Taxi Driver” and “Beetlejuice,” and I liked it even more.

I purchased it, gave it a top light that says NOWHERE and am starting to enjoy her. She’s still a Cadillac after all. 

Here’s Aaron and I as a Satanic Mechanic and Psychedelic Chauffeur for Halloween.

Registered her as a commercial vehicle, and she’s a true Lost Sugar Disco Machine - I’ll look forward to adding branding (Death Wish Taxi Co. is in the top running, but I’m not sure I love what it implies on a car), lots of fringes and crap hanging from the rearview mirror.

Cute Pics courtesy of Joe Martin.

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