Animal House and Lost Sugar Disco Move Into The Future

Animal House Productions and Lost Sugar Disco, LLC. spent this past year developing an extensive business plan and model for a new music venue and performance arts center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We specifically focused our energy on the Southern Market Building in downtown Lancaster City, which was up for receiving proposals by the Lancaster Redevelopment Authority. 
Unfortunately, We found out last week we did not receive the building. Lancaster City has decided to go with Lancaster Equity and return the Southern Market Building to its roots as a food market and additionally a restaurant and office space. We wish those involved in that endeavor the best!

Although we were not granted the opportunity to purchase the Southern Market building, we are extremely proud of how much we accomplished this year! We are proud of how far we came along in the review stages in the RFP process with Redevelopment Authority and Lancaster City. The level of complexity this proposal endured was no easy task and we ended up placing second out of three concepts in the final decision by Lancaster City! That feels empowering to two artists turned business persons!

While this news was initially very disappointing, we wholeheartedly believe our vision and a new venue is needed in Lancaster City and for our universal vision. We are moving forward and beginning to strategize our next steps to bring our plans to attainment. We are focused to bring Lancaster, PA a progressive, safe space, large capacity venue that embraces all varieties of the performance arts. We will continue with our vision and dream for ourselves, you and the community as a whole.
We are currently looking for a new building as we work with a team of real estate agents and investors. If you hear of an idea, a conversation, or a place that aligns with the energy we are cultivating, please reach out to us! We are looking forward to seeing where opportunities arise for us and where we will find our mission come to life in our community and city. 
We will release our project plans, mission, and vision to the public into the New Year as we regroup and reevaluate our current work. We will keep you up to date as we continue to progress in this venture and journey on finding a HOME.

Thank you all for your love and support this year! Thank you to everyone that assisted us at any capacity with our business plans this past year that includes Redevelopment Authority of Lancaster, Lancaster City, Randy Patterson, Matt Johnson, Mayor Danene Sorace, Charlotte Katezenmoyer, Jason Wynn, Lyle Hossler, Crystal Weaver, Richard Puleo, DJ Gress, Daniel, Jim, Angel at Community First Fund, Sarah Holden, Mike Baker, Lucy Sarah, Debbie Brubaker, Julia Schuller, Aaron Rupp, Michael Brubaker, Monica Giles, Hope Brown, Rich Ruoff, Gregg Barley, Fritz Gomez, Donald and Dino at Warfel Construction Company, David Ginolfi, Jeff and Lisa Davis, Michelle Johnsen, Tifani Truelove, Josué Cañas, Richard Bidgood and Eric Parker at Score Lancaster, Joe Meschede, Daniel M. Swain, Ursula Wanner, Lizzy Reedy, Alex Artus, Karen Foley, Lauren Davis, Dana Hamp Gulick, Patrick Kirchner, Nikole Petrosky, Colin Fry, Arielle Gascot, Hawa Lassanah, Corey Fogarty, Think Loud Studios, Claire Brothers, Gloria Beck, Brenna Cagwin, Tessa Law, Devon Danz, Kellie and Gary Hossler, Nicholas Williams, Sarah Groff, Mike Yoder, Mark Diamond, Taylor Pilote, Adam Serrano, Laddie Moran, Malik Rhodes, Amanda Steever, Dom Alvaro, Danny McCoy, Gina Garity, The 1,037 people that took our arts and entertainment survey, MALC, Mike at Blacksmith Printing, Lauren and Staff at Office Max, anyone we forgot to mention, and absolutely everyone that believes in us.

Yours Truly,
Ryan Davis, Animal House Productions

Tiffany Echo Wolf, Lost Sugar Disco

Return to Edit (Samsara)

Returning to Edit (Samsara):

“Doorway of 1,000 Churches”

Over the past six months, I’ve lost and found myself in an ever revolving space. I’ve married, moved and changed various facets of my philosophy on life and how to approach it. In this day to day weave it’s become so hard to sit down, focus and channel my dream into reality. I’ve lost all energy over the past few months, finding it hard to do anything. The vision of this film has been lost and found again over and over. 

This week is to the dedication of seeing out this project to completion. 

I remind myself of figures who have continuously sought the depths of their dreams and “keep going.” 

Current Inspiration: Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became the World’s Best Body Builder.

In LaKesh,
Tiffany Echo Wolf

We Are In A Computer World

The sun is back out, and I’m stuck behind the computer with darkened windows. 

But I’ve opened them to feel the breeezzzeee.

The mind of an editor is beautiful and unique. I love learning how to edit my own film, being fully hands on and engaged in this process - but for everyday, I need to get dirty. I enjoy working with my hands.

Hats off to those who put their all into computer work everyday.

Here is an image as a teaser to our film project “Doorway of 1,000 Churches.” I hope you enjoy it. I will update with more soon, but I don’t want to give too much away!!

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