Horse and Buggies


That trip was a whirlwind. The crew is home in Lancaster, PA. We’ve all been catching up on breaking down props and kits, transferring and backing up footage and images and resting.

Jon and I started post production on footage for “Doorway of 1,000 churches” yesterday. I truly could not be happier with the results. The talent and dedication from this uniform and streamline group of people is humbling. I am, again, beyond words for their capabilities of conveying concepts as a three dimensional reality.

In one week - We created a short film, held numerous photoshoots, edited, traveled, blogged and connected over social media and met many fascinating people.

Stay tuned for updates, film date releases, trailers, photoshoot images and gallery showings. Thank you for your love and support.

- Tiffany, The Lost Sugar Disco

In Your Eyes

Day 6- The team travels to various locations, working on shots for the film. As the film is a short film, we determined not to share any stills from this project until it is closer to release.

These production stills and #bts shots are a small window into our day and our progress as a team. I could not be more impressed or grateful for the work this team is able to accomplish.

Today is the largest and most complex shoot of the week! Let’s do this!


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